"[Contessa] was exquisitely performed by the wonderful Susan Jiwey who brought suitable gravitas to her characterisation, but also revealed elements of Rosina's youthful 'joie de vivre'. Her Act III aria, Dove Sono, was the pinnacle of an expertly edited, deftly executed amd well judged production."

 Remote Goat, February 2015, Opera Vera, Le Nozze di Figaro


"You were gorgeous and your Act II aria was beautiful - poised and elegant"

Peter Hall, Musichall Ltd, February 2015, Opera Vera, Le Nozze di Figaro



" Susan Jiwey induces sympathy as the tired Countess...yet she holds the room with a desperately sad 'Porgi Amor, qualche ristoro' "

Fringe Opera, February 2015, Opera Vera, Le Nozze di Figaro 


 "Admittedly, we are not the most enthusiastic opera-goers by a long shot but we know how it made us feel. The opening gave us goose bumps! And so did Donna Elvira's aria"

Mumsnet, Ealing Arts Festival, Don Giovanni, Opera Vera, October 2014


"Susan Jiwey was an impassioned Elvira"

The Arts Desk, Don Giovanni, Opera Vera, November 2013


"In particular, Susan Jiwey stood out as Maud stealing the first act with her powerful voice and performance"

www.entertainment-focus.com, The Miller's Wife, Grimborn Opera Festival, August 2013


"Susan Jiwey (Mimi) is the star vocally, with soaring bright tones. Even without the searching string melodies to tug at our heartstrings, she cast a spell over the audience, able to drag us back from the prior antics to Puccini’s true tragic tale in her death scene and there were several sobbing in the stalls."

British Theatre Guide, January 2013 (La Boheme, OperaUpClose, Charing Cross Theatre)


" ...Susan Jiwey was outstanding"

Swan Hellenic Cruises, February 2013


"This ensemble doesn’t diminish, it only strengthens with the introduction of Mimi, sung by the evocative Susan Jiwey"

www.TheArtsDesk.com, November 2012 (La Boheme, Charing Cross Theatre)


"The singing is of course superb,...Including the delicate accuracy and sweetness of Susan Jiwey's soprano"

Remotegoat, November 2012

(La Boheme, OperaUpClose, Charing Cross Theatre)


"Jiwey's Cio Cio San is a class act, soaring effortlessly to the high notes, and singing with heartfelt emotion throughout"

Seen and Heard International, Madam Butterfly, New Devon Opera, July 2012


“Mimi (Susan Jiwey) sang divinely” 

**** William Hartston, Daily Express, La Boheme, OperaUpClose, January 2011



"Susan Jiwey as the more introverted Mimi was convincingly smitten by Robin Bailey's Rodolfo”

***** Thomas Larque, remotegoat, La Boheme, OperaUpClose, January 2011


“Attractive in ensemble, with Susan Jiwey’s Bertha providing a clean top line”

Anna Picard, The Independent, The Barber of Seville, OperaUpClose, 24th October 2010


“Susan Jiwey’s Bertha delivers her aria crisply”

George Hall, The Guardian, The Barber of Seville, OperaUpClose, 19th October 2010


“Susan has a very beautiful voice, supple, warm, delicate and powerful all at the same time, capable of expressing all the subtle inflections of the soul, from dreamy sadness to bursting emotion, passing through tenderness and humour. Perhaps her double origin explain her capacity as an actress and that which we call “stage presence”.

(Une voix très belle, souple, chaude, délicate et puissante à la fois, capable d’exprimer toutes les subtiles inflexions de l’âme, depuis la tristesse rêveuse jusqu’aux sentiments les plus éclatants, en passant par la tendresse et l’humour. En fait, la double origine explique peut-être les capacités d’actrice qui sont les elles et ce que nous appelons la « présence » en scène.”)

Jean-Claude and Janine Colombe

Recital at La Fontenille

Ventenac, France, June 2010


"Susan's recital at La Fontenille in June of this year has to be rated the best ever given so far in this lovely venue. This young soprano has a voice truly beautiful, mature and resonant.

Her diction, interpretation and ability to interact fully with her audience

 are all truly remarkable in a young performer”

Sundara Farley,

Song and Opera Recital

La Fontenille, France June 2010


“Susan Jiwey was a fantastic singer and brilliant speaker”

James Heard, 

French Song Lecure-Recital, 

National Gallery, London, April 2010


“Susan Jiwey was a delicate Fidelia” 

El Norte de Castilla, 

Edgar - Puccini

Opera Valladolid, April 2010


“Susan Jiwey another ESU music scholar at the Ravel Académie has also brought good news to the organisation. She was awarded the singer's prize at the Ravel Académie, the Prix de Chant Pierre Bernac 2008.

Susan is immensely grateful to the ESU for her scholarship and said that her €1,500 prize money will go towards financing her singing lessons this year and for buying scores and sheet music.

She has been very generously sponsored by the Anjou Branch in France.”

English-Speaking Union Newsletter,  January 2009


“The cast was completed by Susan Jiwey’s amusing Berta”

Robert Hugill, Musical and Vision 

The Barber of Seville, Grange Park Opera, September 2006


“Berta’s aria was gamely dispatched by Susan Jiwey”

The Stage

The Barber of Seville, Grange Park Opera, September 2006



Susan Jiwey

Soprano, Workshop Leader, Educator, Animateur


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